Services of shah wali ullah

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Shah Abdul Rahim was supposed with the completion of the only Islamic legal theory, Fatawa-i-Alamgiri. Perfection Type of service. Services rendered by Shah Wali-Ullah () Shah Wali-Ullah was a great Muslim saint of the 18th century. His real name was Qutbud-Din Ahmed but due to his spiritual virtues he was called Wali-ullah.

He was born to a noble learned family of Delhi on 21st February His father Shah Abdur-Rahim was a renowned scholar of that period. i want to join pak army in IT field. me ICS kr chukii hn or ab bsc (2years) ka result aany wala haiii. plzzzzzz ap mjhy army join krny k bary mn puriii information send kr.

Services of Shah Wali Ullah Essay

Shah Wali Ullah Muhaddis Dehlvi was born on February 21, at Delhi, just when the reign of Aurangzeb was nearing its end. He was named Qutb-ud-Din, but is better known by his title of Wali Ullah, given to him by virtue of his goodness and piety.

Enumerate the services rendered by Shah Wali-ullah, to the cause of Muslim community of Indo-Pak subcontinent. Services rendered by Shah Wali-Ullah () Shah Wali-Ullah was a great Muslim saint of the 18th century.

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Services of shah wali ullah
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