Phor mor fraud

Mickey's Secret Life

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PHAR-MOR SCANDAL Case Solution & Answer

Phar-Mor Use the Internet to research articles on the Phar-Mor. Determine the main reasons why several members of top management in Phar-Mor perpetrated the financial statement fraud.

Next, recommend one (1) strategy that the auditors might have taken to detect or prevent the fraud. The bankruptcy of Phar-Mor Inc. cost its investors $ million. Although the bankruptcy occurred 10 years In case you need a similar assignment or more, please ORDER NOW and your paper will be assigned to a top qualified affordable online essay writer who will write it from scratch.

In a statement, Phar-Mor said it had filed for Chapter 11 as a result of the alleged scheme. After the alleged fraud came to light, the company took steps to reduce the damage to its bottom line. Michael I. Monus. By.


CSDB - 30th May Michael Monus. Michael I.

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“Mickey” Monus (born in ) is the former president of Phar-Mor, Inc., a defunct discount drug chain that established a strong national presence before declaring bankruptcy in the early s. Accused of perpetrating a $ million fraud and embezzlement scheme, Monus.

Phor mor fraud
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