Deep marien sediments

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Deep Marine Sediments

Lecture 14 - Marine Sediments – Formation and Distribution “ When I think of the floor of the deep sea, the single, overwhelming fact that possesses my imagination is the accumulation of sediments. Microplastic extractions were performed on 11 sediments samples originating from several locations in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea ranging in depth from to m (see Table 1).These deep sea systems represent different marine environments.

Marine sediments deposited near continents cover approximately 25 percent of the seafloor, but they probably account for roughly 90 percent by volume of all sediment deposits. Submarine canyons constitute the main route for sediment movement from continental shelves and slopes onto the deep.

Lecture 14 – Marine Sediments (1) The CCD is: (a) the depth at which no carbonate secreting organisms can live (b) the depth at which seawater is supersaturated with respect to calcite.

The sediment can consist of terrigenous material, which originates on land, but may be deposited in either terrestrial, marine, or lacustrine (lake) environments, or of sediments (often biological) originating in the body of water.

The deep marine subsurface is a heterogeneous environment in which the assembly of microbial communities is thought to be controlled by a combination of organic matter deposition, electron acceptor availability, and sedimentology. However, the relative importance of these factors in structuring microbial communities in marine sediments remains unclear.

Deep marien sediments
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