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Literary Fiction Book Editors

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Her stable to detail is advisable. I had the pleasure of using copy editing services from Rebecca, Bronwyn, and Erin. They were absolutely patient and professional as they suggested terrific edits of my non-fiction book.

As a first time author, I really had no idea what to expect working with editors and went into the process somewhat intimidated.


All professional editing services are customized to your unique writing needs: Fiction, Nonfiction, or Academic Research. Copy editing is provided by experienced professional copy editors specializing in your genre and writing style. Julie Gray Story & Substantive Editing for fiction and non-fiction manuscripts from a Hollywood perspective.

Athans & Associates We will find your best voice, not just your best book. Victory Editing Helping you put your best book forward. Ash the Editor Premier fiction. This copy editing service is a thorough, line by line edit of your manuscript. We take an in-depth and comprehensive approach to tackle any grammatical problems.

Our critique service is a broad, comprehensive assessment of your manuscript. freelance editor specializing in history and science (fiction and non-fiction) offers three levels of editing: appraisal of overall strengths and weaknesses, structural/developmental editing including the appraisal and line editing, and proposal editing (line editing of a proposal or up to 10K words of your manuscript).

Julie Gray Story & Substantive Editing for fiction and non-fiction manuscripts from a Hollywood perspective.

Athans & Associates We will find your best voice, not just your best book. Victory Editing Helping you put your best book forward. Ash the Editor Premier fiction book editing services. Polish Your Diamond.

Copy editing services fiction books
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