Case control studies ppt

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New Surrey Journal of Primary, 6 Example To impress if H. case-control studies as they assess only one outcome variable (that is, whatever outcome the cases have entered the study with).

Cohorts permit calculation of the effect of each variable on the probability of developing the outcome of interest (relative risk). However, where a certain outcome is rare then a. Cohort study Dr K N Prasad MD., DNB Community Medicine Aim of Epidemiological studies To determine distribution of disease To examine determinants of a disease To judge whether a given exposure causes or prevents disease Epidemiological study designs Descriptive studies Populations Correlated studies Individuals E.g.

case-series, case reports, cross-sectional surveys Analytical studies.

Case-Control Studies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Cohort and case-control studies. Observational studies.

Sample size for a case-control study

Learning Objectives. At the end of the sessions, the participants will be able to: Define cohort and case-control studies Identify applications for cohort and case-control studies Describe two-by-two table Slideshow by nikkos.

Case-control studies are then usually applied to evaluate if the hypothesized factor is related to the outcome of interest. Subsequently, cohort or longitudinal studies are applied to further define the importance of exposure to the causal agent for the development of the outcome.

Understanding Retrospective vs. Prospective Study designs. Andreas Kalogeropoulos, MD MPH PhD. Assistant Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) Put clinical study designs into practical perspective 3. Discuss how to leverage existing data at Emory to Case-Control – Uses and Abuses.

CASE CONTROL - authorSTREAM Presentation. MATCHING: Def: The process of selecting the controls so that they are similar to cases in certain characteristics,such as age,race,sex,socio -eco. status & occupation.

Case control studies ppt
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