Best college pranks

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Harmless Dorm Pranks

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College Pranks at Fontanta Hall with Horny Teen Students (cr8377)

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Hot sex pictures sorted by categories, hand picked and updated daily. The Top Ten College Pranks of All Time The staff at the Museum of Hoaxes studied hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of the genre of the college prank to find the ten most worthy of immortal fame.

There's a picture of a great example of the classic college dormitory post it prank, a hilarious pic of some college guys taping up their roommates dorm door and more hilarious and clever ideas for the best pranks to pull in dorms at college! 2 Girls Take This "Prank" WAY TOO FAR.

There's playful ribbing, and then there's jumping so far over the line you should be fucked in the ass by a wolverine high on PCP. What were your favorite April Fools pranks this year? I had a few favorites from the writing world. For instance, this one from Amazon Publishing was pretty spectacular.

Cubicle Warfare: Office Traps and Pranks [John Austin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Get revenge on all your annoying coworkers with this guide to awesome office pranks Are your eyes beginning to glaze over from the fluorescent lights in your tiny cubicle?

Have you had one too many burnt cups of coffee?

Best college pranks
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