Assessment of products and services of

Bill of Material (BoM) Assessment Services

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Unit of competency details

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Sustainable Marketplace: Greener Products and Services

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MSB Risk Assessment Employee at a bank ($M USA) This MSB Risk Assessment is three risk scores (Business Information Risk Score, MSB Services Risk Score & Product/Services Risk Score)added together with the MSB Services Risk Scores counting as double in the automatically calculated Overall Risk Score.

Satisfied Recruitment process. We know how to induct and train the staff according to the needs and requirements of the company. Our staff is well trained in recruitment process as per International and local market demands and needs. By mapping hfi’sleadership levels to our organisational structure PeopleFactors covers all of our assessment needs.

hfi have already proven to be a great partner with a very flexible and customer centric approach. Active IQ offers a range of qualifications in the Active Leisure sector, Business & Administration, Customer Service and Functional Skills. To support Active IQ qualifications, we offer unrivalled learning resources for colleges, training providers and employers.

The Rapid Response Damage Assessment program (RRDA) is an organized team of engineers, naval architects, master mariners and support staff that respond 24/7 to ship related emergencies such as grounding and collision.

Ensure your product is ready and compliant to sell in a given market

The Safety Data Sheets on are the latest versions available for our products, although there are some internal processes which may take several days .

Assessment of products and services of
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