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An Illustrated History of Britain (Background Books)

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Our Sons and Daughters – If you have ever loved a soldier you will understand this WWII mom

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Your words have inspired me as I'm valuable they've impacted many others to take control in a way which feels awesome rather than doing something because that's how it's always been done. And you must have them, too.

31 experts share specific copywriting tips they have published pertaining to different aspects of copywriting. From Ash Ambridge at The Middle Finger Project: Don’t be afraid to inject personality into your copy.

31 Ways to Improve the Copywriting on Your Website.

Thank you, Ash Ambirge & BOSS!” I'm going to give you a clean Word copy of the exact client contract I use in my own copywriting business, plus instructions that shows you what each section means and why it's important, under which scenarios.

Creator, CEO & Founder of The Middle Finger Project. Ash Ambridge The founder of The Middle Finger Project, Ash Ambridge is a savvy business woman, writer, and self proclaimed smart ass. Her project is unconventional in the business world, and that’s exactly why so many women love it.

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Ash Ambridge is a good example.

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I loved her 97k in when I was first getting into online business, learned some great copywriting tips in Brandgasm and use Small Business Bodyguard with every project I. grab a drink with ash >> Unf*ckwithable Courses + Kits A part mini-masterclass teaching you *exactly* what to say to sell your services over the phone for top dollar—without freaking out, shrinking, or woefully undercharging.

(Again.) Join The Middle Finger Project mafia—over 75,+ disobedient humans strong—and as a welcome.

Ash ambridge copywriting services
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