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Alan Parsons is an English audio engineer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. He was involved with the production of several significant albums, incl. A fan made video for Voyager by The Alan Parsons Project.

Eye in the Sky This song is by The Alan Parsons Project and appears on the album Eye In The Sky () on the compilation Billboard Top Hits: () on the album The Essential Alan Parsons Project () Don't think sorry is easily said Don't try turning tables instead You've.

Alan Parsons LiveSpan. Legendary producer and musician Alan Parsons released a live recording of the highly successful tour of Germany and Austria that took place in March of I love all of the Alan Parsons work and it involved many talented vocalists and musicians.

Lenny Zakatek is seen here singing lead vocal. This is a gem of a video as it has been for a long time buried in the archives until Eric found it around and published it. Stereotomy was the first Project album that was recorded entirely digitally and as a result, there was a greater economy of master tapes in the studio.

For analogue recordings there were often many reels recorded, surplus to requirements, quite simply because to constantly go over out-takes was too time consuming and disruptive to the recording.

Alan parsons project youtube
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